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My name is Dave Manning and I started bringMeaning to solve problems that matter. As I grow this idea and community, you'll notice "I" start changing to "we", but for now here is my own "golden circle" as popularized by Simon Sinek's Start With Why

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I believe in a Star Trek future of peaceful humanism, scientific discovery, and global well-being. I believe we get there by first addressing the root cause of all the world's problems: a lack of meaning in most people's everyday lives.


I'm helping build that future by combining, distilling, and making accessible the tenets of logotherapy, humanism, and social entrepreneurship.​ After all, there is more than enough meaning, purpose, and fulfillment to go around if you know where to look.


Therefore (∴), I'm curating a growing collection of science-based resources that help bring meaning to everyday life.​​



You're a progressive changemaker who helps people become better versions of themselves. Maybe you're a...

wellness coach

aspiring B Corporation owner

personal trainer

career coach

organization development consultant

life coach

human resources manager

therapist / counselor

retirement coach

...who is looking for proven, actionable information about meaningful living plus some helpful and cool products/tools/resources that make it easier.

Or, maybe you're an armchair philosopher like me interested in learning all there is to know about meaning, purpose, happiness, meaningful work, and how it all ties together in a changing world of robots, artificial intelligence, and scarcity-driven economics.