Meaningful Life Toolkit

Meaningful Life Toolkit

Made in collaboration with UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, this toolkit includes 30 science-based practices for a meaningful life. This toolkit was designed for wellness practitioners and motivated individuals looking to bring more meaning and well-being into their lives.


Backed By Science

Each practice has four sections: why it is important, how to do it, why it works, and the primary research that supports it. Perfect for therapists, coaches, facilitators, managers, teachers, and others looking to bring the science of mindfulness and positive psychology into practice.


Designed for You

A beautiful color gradient connects all of the guides, which are designed to be both informative and a delight to use. The set comes in a practical box to keep the printed activities organized and accessible on your bookshelf or desk.


Quality & Craftsmanship

Printed and assembled in the USA, using the finest quality paper and finishes. A timeless design that is made to last.


A Meaningful Partnership

UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center is a nonprofit pioneering a new scientific movement to explore the roots of happy and compassionate individuals, strong social bonds, and altruistic behavior — the science of a meaningful life. 

  • A Special Thanks

    A special thanks to all the researchers whose findings were featured in this toolkit. Here is a short list of those whose work was featured in the Greater Good Toolkit:


    Aaron Lazare, M.D., Adrienne Dougherty, Aleah Burson, Amy Prosser, Arne Evers, Beth Polin, Brandon J.Schmeichel, Brian C Healy, Candace M. Raio, Carsten K. W. De Dreu, Chris Germer, Christina M DuBois, Christine E. Webb, Christopher M Celano, Christopher Peterson, Dacher Keltner, Daniel M Stancato, Daniel T. Gilbert, Daniela Schiller, David C. Johnson, David Evans, David K. Sherman, David Schkade, David Tang, Deborah A. Small, Diana Winston, Ph.D, Dirk van Dierendonck, E. Tory Higgins, Eleanor Tate Shonkoff, Eli J. Finkel, Elizabeth A. Phelps, Elizabeth M. Minei, Elizabeth W. Dunn, Emma Bruehlman-Senecal, Erica B. Slotter, Ethan Kross, Fabian Gander, George Loewenstein, Gina Castle Bell, Gregory M. Walton, Harry Weger Jr,. Holli-Anne Passmore, Holly Shablack, Howard J. Markman, James Carmody, James J. Gross, James Pennebaker, Ph.D, Janice K. Kiecolt-Glaser, Jason Moser, Jeff C Huffman, Jeffrey Froh, Jessica M. Tipsord, Jiyoung Park, John W Denninger, Jordi Quoidbach, Joseph E. LeDoux, Julia K Boehm, Juliana G. Breines, Juliana Schroeder, Kennon M. Sheldon, Kirsten Keller, Kristin Layous Ph.D., Kristin Neff, Laura A. King, Ph.D., Laura B. Luchies, Leah B. Shapira, Lisa Michelle, Leslie Louisa Pavey, Maria T. M. Dijkstra, Marie-H. Monfils, Mario Mikulincer, Mark Holder, Mark Leary, Mark Levine, Martin Seligman, Ph.D., Matthew Feinberg, Maya Rossignac-Milon, Melissa C. Robinson, Michele J. Gelfand, Minkyung Koo, Myriam Mongrain, Nansook Park, Nicholas Epley, Omri Gillath, Ozlem Ayduk, Ph.D., Paul K Piff, Paul Sparks, Phillip R. Shaver, Pia Dietze, Rachel A. Nitzberg, René Proyer, Robert B. Lount Jr., Ronald Glaser, Roy J. Lewicki, Ruth A Baer, Ryan Bremner, Sara B. Algoe, Scott M. Stanley, Serena Chen, Sonja Lyubomirsky, Ph.D., Stephen Reicher, Steven D. Hickman Psy.D, Susan L. Blumberg, Susan Sergeant, Timothy D. Wilson, Tobias Greitemeyer, Tobias Wyss, Todd B Kashdan, Tracy A. Steen, Willibald Ruch

  • Ecology

    From The Manufacturer:

    "Every part of the The Greater Good Toolkit from the guides, to the box, to the shipping box we send it in are all printed and assembled in the USA. The guides are printed with our friends at Printwest, a Washington state based printer we have had the pleasure of working with for many years. The box was created with Master Paper Box in Illinois, and the recycled cardboard shipping box was printed with Arizona Corrugated in, well you may have guessed it, Arizona :-) "